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The impact that Dr. Wetter’s counsel has had on my life can’t be overstated. As someone who struggles daily with depression and OCD in varying forms, Dr. Wetter’s experience, patience, practicality, and availability have played a pivotal, if not the central role in my being able to cope effectively. Medication has made drastic improvements for me, but there is no substitute for effective talk therapy that facilitates change. Most importantly he is an open minded, humble, and professional therapist who truly believes in the ability to change the mind for the better and that there is always the possibility of being able to open a new chapter of balance in your life. In the age of addiction to and exploitation of self help books full of empty promises, that misleads with simple answers to complex life problems,  Dr. Wetter has helped me navigate the chaos inside and out with the realistic approach of balance and making changes in your life based on evidence instead of speculation.                 -C.H.

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